ghastderp: rainbowbarnacle and i met kurloz38 and misa-chu at the minnesota zoo today and had a really fucking great time. we attempted to pet sharks, talked about homestuck, and wandered around for four hours. aud got swooped by a snowy owl and then we had pancakes. it was awesome. jumpingjacktrash and the-real-seebs were unable to attend but received a big wad of alpaca trimmings and home-baked sugar cookies as a consolation prize. Oh my goodness today was such an amazing day. We all ended up wearing homestuck swag without even planning it, and Kurloz38 told the best stories ever and Misa-Chu took supremely gorgeous pictures (which I will reblog at you all later, BE PREPARED FOR THE FISH SPAM) and it was especially nice getting to squee at various fish and seahorses and jellyfish and things with folks who obsess over them as much as I do. 8) Critter highlights include: Seeing an imperious little mini octomom curled up on a rock squinting at everybody all “I JUDGE U” Seeing a Port Jackson shark up close Seeing a Zebra shark up close COW FISH Seeing a sea turtle nomming a lettuce head There were these two enormous goofy pufferfish who were best friends and kept giving each other friendly bumps Getting buzzed by a male snowy owl as it swooped over the audience—he was seriously about six inches above my pretty blue hat. O_O He also had the cutest floofy feet. (Fortunately I didn’t see those up close.) This nice zoo employee was showing people eggs and penguin feathers and I got to touch a penguin feather There was this one very young penguin in the exhibit who would get terribly excited when someone dangled things at it—Misa-Chu jangled her earbuds and it was beside itself with giddiness. Seeing a mountain lion stand up briefly on her hind legs just like Beatrix. Seeing wee little river otters all curled up together in a warm, sleepy pile while one of the pups kept arranging and rearranging straw for their nest That aside, it is incredibly nice just sort of wandering from section to section, sitting on benches and talking about all sorts of things while watching various critters. Kurloz38 used to work in zoos, so we got to hear all kinds of fun insider details. And then she bought us dinner, which was completely wonderful. We geeked out about Minecraft and Flight Rising and all kinds of neat little games and there were fried pickles as part of the appetizer, which I hadn’t eaten in years and they were SO GOOD. (those things are my childhood, guys, I could eat about half a million of them) And then we drove back home and I konked out for seven solid hours. Hoo. I am so glad I felt well enough to go—Kurloz and Misa-Chu are wonderful people. Thank you for showing us such a lovely time. *********kurloz38 added:******* It was an epic day, and the first of many, I hope! I haven’t had such a great time in YEARS, and it was so hard to part! Next time maybe we can meet up with Jesse and Seebs as well…maybe next spring, if we all survive the coming polar season! It’s only a 10 hour drive, after all! Love you guys!